Laptop rental

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1. For the administrator 

For work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, broweser

LENOVO 530s 15.6" | Win10

34.70 €/mo. incl VAT

2. For the accountant

For work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, broweser

DELL 3583 15.6" | Win10

27.99 (before 31.10) €/mo. incl. VAT
Odoo • Tekstas ir paveikslėlis
Odoo • Paveikslėlis ir tekstas

3. For the programmer

LENOVO T490 14" | Win10

71.11 (before 79.01) €/mo. incl. VAT

Laptop rental for a Cappuccino Price

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TOP Laptop for rent

Carefully selected by the professionals for all business needs. For the: Accountant, administrator, programmer, businessman or even web designer. 

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Free Laptop Preparation

We can either: leave the opening joy for you, or can prepare your computer for work, by installing most recent updates as well as business programs for free.

Odoo - Pavyzdys 1 trims stulpeliams

Flexible termination

In case of emergency, you wish you had the opportunity not only to grow, but to shrink as well? We got you covered, therefore we offer flexible contract termination at any time.

Free Delivery

Rent a laptop - we will deliver the equipment anywhere in Europe.

TOP-tier backup laptop within 1 day

Laptop does not turn on? Dont worry, call us and ask for replacement unit.

Flexible period

Planning a laptop rental for 17 months? No worries!

NPS 9.5 from 10

That's how happy our customer really are!

Flexible conditions

With or without redemption, replacement laptop.

Free warranty service

Everything will be done for free!

More effective businesses

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Meinart, UAB

Animation studio
In order to create animation, special and professional equipment is essential, which usually is very expensive. We chose Fiberta to always be up to date and ensure that everything is working fine.

From now on, business growth became a lot more simple, since it became a lot easier to plan our budget.


Metal Production, UAB

Manufacturing process Creators
Laptop is the most important tool in our work, which makes us able to deliver full project to the customer starting from napkin sketches. For the best customer experience, we are using powerful Lenovo workstations, which, as it turns out, can also be rented from Fiberta.

We cooperate with Fiberta since 2018, and are yet to regret our decission.

Geodezijos linija, UAB

Measuring experts
Without a latop, our services would not be possible... We are glad that Fiberta helps to easily and in constant time periods renew our equipment, since it is very important in our business.

While moving to a new office, we have realised, that walls are not the only thing which had to be replaced... Laptop rental - perfect service for us, since it ensures that our capital is used effectively.


Special offer

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For the salesman

For work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, broweser

Dell 5490 14" | Win10 + bag and dock station for free

47.82 (before 59.77) €/mo. incl. VAT

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