Why Laptop Subscription?

More than 80% of businesses in the US lease IT equipment

FAQ | Subscribing a computer is easier than buying one 

You choose your preferred model in the e-shop, fill in your contact details and pay for the first month by bank transfer, credit card or paypal.

Once payment is received, the order is processed and the computer is usually delivered within 2 work days across Lithuania.  You will receive your first invoice on the following Monday. 

How to book and subscribe a computer in the video: 


The minimum subscription period is  1 month. 

If your computer breaks down, you can choose another one free of charge, and we'll bring it to your business directly and pick up one which needs to be repaired.  The delivery service and the repair are free of charge except in cases of intentional damage.

The rental computers are equipped with an operating system without any third-party software, but we can offer Microsoft Office Business (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or other applications on request.

The clients can install all the programs they want, rewrite Windows, etc. The client is responsible for the legality of the programs used and all the information on the computer. 

The date of handover of the equipment shall be recorded from the date of delivery of the equipment to the customer.  The next invoice is sent exactly one month later and must be paid within 7 days.

We deliver our stocked computers within 2 work days across Lithuania; 

Equipment from suppliers' warehouses is usually delivered within 3 work days.

At the end of the fixed-term contract, the lease changes to indefinite monthly subscription, and there is also an option to buy the equipment for its residual value (to be negotiated individually).

Indefinite monthly subscription - there's no cost to change or cancel. Free returns. Stops automatically from the date of return

Monthly fixed-term subscription - there is no possibility of early termination. Equipment can be replaced free of charge. The contract term is extended accordingly. 

You can check the status of computers by asking manager/consultant.

We guarantee the smooth operation of your computer, and if it doesn't operate smooth, we will replace it immediately and free of charge. 

If you choose the wrong computer, you can replace it for free at any time.

When replacing a computer, the term of the fixed-term lease is extended accordingly.

Contact us and together we'll find the best option for you (not just from the e-shop range, but also from suppliers).


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Indefinite monthly computer subscription without any commitments!

Subscription: Fiberta

1. An option to buy the equipment for its residual value:



2. Equipment can be replaced:


+/- without delivery

3. Purchase of equipment from the client:



4. Flexible period:



5. Ready to use:



6. Flexible agreement:



7. Personal advisor:



8. IT support 30 min/month:



9. Warranty for the entire subscription period



10. Replacing a device with another



11. Data migration



12. Handbag, mouse



13. 1TB Google Drive cloud



Why it's not worth buying?

The 4 most important reasons

Why subsribe if you can buy? Here are four reasons why you shouldn't buy.

Kompiuteris amžinas įsipareigojimas

An everlasting commitment

Everything gets old and worn out, so running a computer is a big commitment.

Kompiuteris. Privaloma IT priežiūra

Compulsory maintenance of IT equipment

Concerns such as sales and repairs are the owner's responsibility, as well as their own expenditure.

Kompiuterio pardavimas

Sale of a computer

When the computer is no longer needed, you will have to sell it extremely cheaply.

And many more...

Rejection of alternatives

Spending money forces you to abandon alternatives. Buying computers at full price reduces the working capital available for business growth.

Why is it worth subscribing?

Professional advice from an expert

The professionals choose a computer not only according to the nature of the work, but also according to the specific software you use. From the minimum requirements you need to meeting the software requirements for efficient work.

Convenient to forecast business costs

There is nothing better than a clear price.The monthly price per workstation for subscribing computer equipment is always fixed. No extra charges. This makes business planning easy.

Subscription expenses - operational costs

When a computer is purchased, it is usually written off within 3 years, so the company only reduces its profits by 33.3% in the current year. In the case of subscription, the cost is an expense and 100% of the cost reduces the profit.

No need to freeze money

To upgrade computers for e.g. 10 workstations, the estimated cost is €500 x 10 = €5000. The company can pay €20 x 10 = €200 per month and use the spare funds for faster development of the business.

Replacement of equipment in case of malfunction

In the event of a malfunction, the computer is replaced immediately. By subscribing a computer, the company avoids the cost of replacement of equipment and reduces the time it takes to replace equipment.

Regularly updated equipment

A company with IT equipment that is less than a few years old is the most efficient because it uses the latest applications in the business. Often, old equipment is the reason why work slows down.