Why to rent laptop?

In the USA, over 80% of the companies rent IT equipment

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1. Redemption after a certain period:
+ +/-
2. Guaranteed replacement equipment:
+ +/- No delivery 
3. Purchase of available equipment:
+ -
4. Flexible period:
+ -
5. Preparation:
+ -
6. Flexible termination of the contract:
+ -
7. Personal advisor:
+ -

Why you should not buy?

Long-term commitment

Everything is getting old and worn out. Hence you need constant maintenance over time which requires extra costs.

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Compulsory maintenance

All care from the standard inspection to the repair is carried out in the responsibility and expenses of the owner.

Odoo - Pavyzdys 3 trims stulpeliams

Sale of the equipment

When a computer is no longer needed, you may have to sell it nearly for free but this also requires money and time.

And even more

Disclaimer of the alternatives 

Spending money makes people refuse alternatives. Buying computers at full cost reduces the amount of working capital that can be spent on business growth

Why to rent laptop?

Professional expert advice

Professionals choose the computer not only according to the nature of the work but also the specific software used. From the minimum requirements to the programme requirements for a productive work.

It is easy to forecast business expenses

There is nothing better than a clear price. The monthly cost of a computer rental for a workstation is always constant. If the equipment breaks down, it will be immediately replaced by a new one. No extra charges. This makes it easy to plan and improve your business.

Rental costs are included in operating costs

When buying an IT equipment, it is usually written off within 3 years. Thus, in the current year, the company reduces its profits by only 33.3% of the money spent. When renting computer equipment, the full amount (100% of the expenses) is written off and this reduces the profit. Hence, profitable companies choose a rental alternative to reduce the taxes paid.

No need to freeze money

Upgrade computers, e.g. 10 workstations preliminary cost €500 x 10 = €5,000. The company can pay €20 x 10 = €200 per month and use free funds for faster business development.

Replacement equipment in case of its breakdown

In the event of a breakdown, the supplier replaces the rented computer with a new one. This reduces downtime of the company. In order to ensure continuous work, the company must have back-up equipment and be prepared to use it for the extra cases. By renting a computer, the company escapes the cost of replacement equipment in the office and reduces the time spent on replacing equipment.

Constantly upgraded equipment

A company that uses not older than 2-year IT equipment works most efficiently since it uses the latest software for its business. The best architects do not make drawings by hand - they deliver 3D visualisation. NON-cash motivation for the employees. Especially, if the work hangs due to old equipment and it is a shame to show your computer to customers.