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Odoo • Tekstas ir paveikslėlis

Geodezijos linija, UAB

Without the computer, we wouldn't have a job. We're happy to update our equipment easily, quickly and on time, ensuring smooth running. 

When we moved to our new office, we realised that the walls weren't the only thing that needed to change... Laptop subscription is a great service for us because it ensures that our capital is used efficiently.

Marius A.

Metal Production, UAB

The laptop is the most important tool in our work, as we can present the entire project to the client from the sketches. To ensure the best customer experience, we use powerful Lenovo workstations, which, it turns out, are also available to subscribe from Fiberta.  

We have been working with Fiberta since 2018 and so far have not regretted our decision.

Gediminas T. 

Informacijos Technologijų Mokymo Centras

We are currently renting 8 powerful laptops for a training institution. The price offered was the best in the market. We chose this company because of the fast service time - they were the first to respond to the enquiry, the first to send an offer, and they had a good understanding of what kind of computers we needed. We have two reliable partners in Lithuania who understand our needs and one of them is 

Skaidra V.

MeinArt UAB

Creating animations requires special and professional equipment, which is usually very expensive. We chose Fiberta to stay up-to-date and make sure everything works well.

Business development has now become much simpler as it has become much easier to plan your budget.

Meinardas V. 


Our language school wrote a project and received funding to subscribe computers.

Pagrindinės priežastys dėl ko pasirinkome tai puikus aptarnavimas ir galimybė nuolatos atsinaujinti. 

Romena R.

AB "Gubernija"

We are pleased that we were able to find a projector easily when we needed to make a presentation. Easy to use, excellent resolution. Thank you.

Irma G. 

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