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Subscription: per mo. | Non-committal indefinite
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Easy as possible. 


New Laptop as a Service for Work | 5 Reasons: 

Kompiuteris trumpam Neterminuota Nuoma


Monthly indefinite subscription - use only as much, as you need 

Naujas kompiuteris paruoštas darbui


Computer in perfect working order, if not, we will replace it immediately and free of charge

Nemokama 1TB Google talpykla


Free 1TB storage and data migration to Google Drive cloud

Paruoštas kompiuteris darbui Windows 11


Work-ready computer - boot up and work right away

IT pagalba nemokamai


Free IT maintenance and support for the entire subscription period


Why Laptop Subscription? 

Customer rating - 9.5 NPS, more than a thousand computers for you to subscribe.

Laptop bag with every New Laptop.